Re-registering a Hardware Lock

If you have a hardware lock (stand-alone or network) and you have recently purchased some new modules or have increased your user count, you need to re-register SPACE GASS for the new information.


Note that this needs to be done on each computer that has SPACE GASS installed.


  1. Ensure that SPACE GASS is not running on this computer.

  2. If you don't already have the latest version of SPACE GASS 12 installed, click here to upgrade (note that upgrade fees apply if you have SPACE GASS 10 or earlier).

  3. Save the SPACE GASS registration package (called SGRegistration.pkg) you received by email into a temporary folder or onto your desktop.

  4. Delete your current registration by running the SPACE GASS Utility tool via the Start button => All Programs => SPACE GASS 12.6 => Tools => SPACE GASS Utility 12.6.

    In the following form click the "Reset Registration" button.


  5.  Click Yes and then Ok to complete the reset.


  6. You should then run SPACE GASS and, because it is no longer registered, the following form will appear.

    Click Yes and then continue with the next step.


  7. You should then browse to where you saved the SPACE GASS registration package (called SGRegistration.pkg). Select it and then click "Open" to complete the registration.

  8. The next time you run SPACE GASS it should recognise the registration changes.

  9. If you don't have the latest version of SPACE GASS then, provided you have a current maintenance contract, you should upgrade via Upgrading SPACE GASS. This is important because if your software is out of date you could be missing out on bug fixes, enhancements and design code changes. If you have just purchased a new SPACE GASS module then it is doubly important because your out of date software may not even include the module you just purchased. You can check which is the latest version by going to, clicking Downloads => Commercial Version and then noting the version number next to "Upgrade to ...".

  10. Repeat the above procedure for all the computers that have SPACE GASS installed.



If you have a network hardware lock and the above registration change was due to extra SPACE GASS licenses or modules being added, you will then have to re-burn it with the new registration information via the procedure at "Re-burning a Network Hardware Lock". If the registration change was due to a company name change or just a SPACE GASS re-installation then you don't have to re-burn your network hardware lock.