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Resetting SPACE GASS

How to reset an expired copy of SPACE GASS

Trial, student and temporary licensed versions of SPACE GASS have a protection system built into them that causes the program to expire after a pre-defined date. Expiry may also be triggered by an invalid computer date or by a previously expired version of SPACE GASS on your system.

It is recommended that you only do the reset during business hours Eastern Australian time because if you request a reset password during the weekend or after hours you will have to wait with the reset program running until the next business day.

You can reset the protection system by doing the following:

  1. Click Here to download SlsAdmin.exe.

  2. Click your right mouse button on the SlsAdmin.exe file you just downloaded and then select "Run as administrator" from the popup menu that appears.

  3. Select "Remove" from the "Licence" menu.

  4. Click on "SPACE GASS" in the "Product" field and then click the "Remove" button.

    If the "Product" field is blank then your licence has already been reset and you should jump to step 10 below and ensure that you run SPACE GASS "As administrator" the first time.

  5. Highlight the number in the "Remove Reference" field and then copy it into the clipboard by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "Copy".

  6. Create an email that requests a remove password, paste the number from the previous step into it and then send the email to us at admin@spacegass.com.

    Note that this is not an automated service and so please don't just send us a number with no explanation.

  7. If this is for a student version, please use your official student email address when you contact us. Return passwords will not be sent to email addresses using hotmail, gmail, outlook, live, yahoo and the like!

  8. Leave the window open until you get a return password from us by email. If you close it you will have to go back to step 2 and repeat the entire procedure!

  9. When you get the return password, paste or type it into the "Remove Password" field and then click the Ok button. Note that return passwords will be supplied promptly during our office hours from 9am to 5pm Eastern Australian time.

  10. When you get the "Your licence has been removed successfully" message click Ok and then close SlsAdmin.

    If you don't get the message below then the reset has failed and you will need to repeat the entire procedure from step 2 above!

  11. Click your right mouse button on the SPACE GASS shortcut and select "Run as administrator" from the popup menu that appears. SPACE GASS should then run as normal.

    Note that you only need to run SPACE GASS as administrator for the first time after the reset.