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Find out about the features recently added to SPACE GASS

SPACE GASS 12 is all about performance, plus a modern new graphical user interface with full editing, analysis, design, reporting and results display capabilities. Even though it looks different, all the tools operate in the same way as before and so you don't have to re-learn the program.

The new version also includes a 64-bit sparse matrix solver that supports parallel processing with multi-core CPUs, resulting in analysis speeds that are often more than 20 times faster than SPACE GASS 11. It also fully utilizes the massive parallel processing capabilities of your graphics card, offering fast, silky-smooth graphics.

If you already have SPACE GASS, click here to upgrade to the latest version 12.

Recent new modules include:
Reinforced concrete slab design
Advanced plate meshing tools
Portal frame builder (all new version)
Reinforced concrete column design
Reinforced concrete beam design
Steel connection design
Cold formed steel member design


  • Querying analysis result diagrams
    You can now query intermediate values along analysis diagrams by just moving the mouse cursor onto the diagram.

  • Fast hardware accelerated graphics
    The SPACE GASS graphics fully utilizes the hardware acceleration capabilities of most modern graphics cards which results in silky smooth drawing, selecting, zooming, panning, rotating and scaling.

  • 64-bit sparse matrix solver that supports parallel processing with multi-core CPUs
    SPACE GASS 12 includes a new sparse matrix "Paradise" solver that fully supports modern multi-core processors in full parallel 64-bit mode. It results in analysis speeds that are often 20 times faster than SPACE GASS 11 and sometimes over 100 times faster depending on the size and properties of the structural model. The speed increase is more pronounced with large jobs that have lots of load cases and large matrix frontwidths/bandwidths.

  • A new user interface with full editing, analysis, design, reporting and results display capabilities
    It is now possible to do everything in the new user interface, including full editing, analysis, design, reporting and results display. Of course you can still edit your model in the traditional graphics window, however the editing tools in the new interface are generally more advanced and offer additional features over the traditional editing tools.

    All of the wizards, drawing, input and editing tools are available in the new user interface.

    You can display or query the analysis results in wireframe or fully rendered mode, including animated mode shapes.

    If you want to change the appearance or colors of the program you can choose a different skin.




  • Steel member design results
    Steel member design results can now be displayed or queried. You can also hover over a steel member to have all of its steel input data displayed in a tooltip. When diagram values are displayed the steel member (group) number, load factor and governing load case are shown next to each designed steel member in the model.


  • New reinforced concrete beam and column design modules
    You can create and then design or check reinforced concrete beams or columns in accordance with the latest AS3600 and IS456 design guides. Note that if you have SPACE GASS 12.20 or later you can run the new concrete design modules in a free trial mode that lets you try them out. For more detailed information click here for beams or here for columns.


  • A new steel connection design module
    You can create and then design or check steel connections in accordance with the latest ASI design guides. Note that if you have SPACE GASS 11.09 or later you can run the new steel connection design module in a free trial mode that lets you try it out.

    Key features include:

    • Fully integrated into SPACE GASS.
    • Design actions obtained directly from the analysis results.
    • Multiple load cases considered simultaneously.
    • Design and checking modes available.
    • Fully rendered 3D images of each connection generated.
    • Annotated elevations detailing all the connection components.
    • Connections able to be exported to other programs.
    • Fully compliant with the 2007 - 2014 ASI Steel Connection Design Guides.
    • All bolts, welds, plates, cleats, stiffeners and doubler plates designed/checked.
    • Free trial mode.
    • Steel Connection Video

      Steel Connection Input and Design

      Play Video


  • A new cold formed steel member design module
    Supports all common purlin and girt sections from Lysaght, Stramit, Duragal and others, including Cees, Zeds, Channels, Angles, TopHats, Back-to-back Cees, SupaCees, SupaZeds, etc.


  • A new portal frame builder module
    You can generate a complete portal frame building including the structural data, dead loads, live loads, wind loads and steel member design data. Note that if you have SPACE GASS 11.05 or later you can run the new portal frame builder in a free trial mode that lets you try it out.

    Key features include:

    • Fully integrated into SPACE GASS.
    • Generates the entire model from scratch, ready for analysis and design.
    • Generates all dead, live and wind loads plus combination load cases.
    • Wind region, recurrence intervals, shielding, topography, terrain categories (including transition zones).
    • Gable (symmetrical and unsymmetrical) and monoslope roofs.
    • Overhangs.
    • Knee braces and/or haunches.
    • Fly bracing.
    • Uneven frame spacings.
    • Wall openings.
    • Roof and wall bracing.
    • End wall props.
    • Free trial mode.

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  • A new shape builder
    Containing shape dragging, snapping, stacking, alignment and copy/paste. Shapes can now be specified as voids to easily model holes in your sections. New standard shapes have also been added for polygons, polytubes, triangles, Cees, Zeds, tophats and schifflerized angles. Line shapes that allow you to specify a line thickness and a series of points have also been added.

    You can show the dimensions of your sections graphically in the new shape builder.

    Shapes can be dragged and snapped together using reference points attached to each shape.


  • On-screen notes
    On-screen notes that can be positioned anywhere on or near your model or attached to nodes, members or plates.


  • Dimensions
    Dimensions that can be added to your model or to individual members or plates.


  • Measure tool
    A measure tool that lets you determine the actual length, component lengths and angles between any two points.


  • Job attachments
    An attachment tool that you can use to attach external documents, spreadsheets, drawings or any other files to your SPACE GASS job and embed them into the job file.


  • Drawing aids
    Important new drawing aids now let you align with other existing points or objects, snap to key intermediate positions along members, attach to existing objects, or align with existing members or global axes. You can even lock onto a node or member by briefly hovering over it and then begin drawing at some offset away from it. When aligned with an axis, member or point, you can also just type in the desired distance away your point should be.


  • Combination load cases
    A new combination load cases grid showing primary and combination load cases across the top and combination load cases down the side. You simply type multiplying factors into any cells to quickly build up your combination load cases in a very visual way. Rows for new combination load cases can be added as desired.


  • Customizable toolbars
    You can add, remove or rearrange the buttons on any toolbar. Toolbars can be moved and docked to the top, bottom or sides of the renderer window, or positioned anywhere as floating toolbars.


  • View selector
    A view selector showing the current viewpoint. It can also be dragged around or clicked to change the orientation of the model.


  • Unlimited undo/redo steps.
  • Infotips
    More detailed infotips when hovering over a node, member or plate.


  • Libraries
    New libraries in XML format that now hold non-standard and built-up sections, directly editable via the shape builder and/or library editor. Categories have also been added for Common, Special, Legacy and Obsolete classifications.


  • Moving loads
    A new moving loads generator incorporating animated views of the vehicles travelling over your model. Horizontal loads and moments can now be added to vehicles. Travel paths can now be drawn graphically, as can a loading area outside of which wheels are treated as inactive even if they are still within the ends of their travel path. A new vehicle editor has also been added, and vehicles are now incorporated into the standard libraries.


  • Manage load cases
    A load case manager now lets you copy, renumber or delete multiple load cases rather than one at a time.


  • Selection
    buttons throughout SPACE GASS that allow to select from load cases, sections or materials that already exist in the job, plus a load case titles viewer that can be left open all the time if you need to see which load cases are which.


  • Area loads
    A new area loads generator with options for two-way and one-way loads. Load directions include X, Y, Z, "Normal to area" and "Vector". Loading areas can be actual or projected, and more than four members per polygon can now be handled.


  • Renumber
    A new renumbering tool that offers renumbering in three directions simultaneously.


  • Taper/Haunch
    A taper/haunch tool that now subdivides automatically if required.


  • Find
    A new find tool with additional modes for finding duplicated nodes, invalid plates, members duplicated in steel member groups, members with free ends and plates with free vertices.


  • New selection methods
    New move, rotate, copy, mirror, stretch and scale tools that allow you to select nodes, members or plates. They also provide a graphical preview of the final result before the changes are made.


  • Gridlines
    Gridlines that can be defined and shown graphically in two directions at any spacings and then used as snap and reference points when drawing objects or locating points.


  • Static load to mass conversion
    A tool for converting static loads such as dead loads and live loads into masses for use in a dynamic analysis.


  • Spectral curve editor
    A new curve editor for spectral curves that has extra capabilities for importing, exporting, labelling and an equation data generation tool.


  • View manager
    A view manager that lets you save the current view into a list of saved views and then recall them as desired.


  • Moveable property panels
    Moveable property panels that list all of the sections and materials used in your model. You can even click on a section or material in the panel to select all the members or plates in your model that use that item.


  • Member alignment
    A member alignment tool that lets you align or stack members via their center, top, bottom, left or right sides.


  • Member origins
    An option for showing member origins graphically. This quickly lets you see which way each member is running.


  • Generate bends
    Generation of bends of any radius at member intersections. A very useful tool for pipework analysis.


  • Reverse member direction
    A tool for reversing the direction of members. Options for adjusting member fixities, offsets and loads are included.


  • Various other tools
    Various tools for extending members along their length, moving intermediate nodes, removing intermediate nodes and removing crossed member nodes.