Running a macro

Macros are simply programs external to SPACE GASS that you can run from within SPACE GASS using this tool. They can be MS-Excel or MS-Access programs, DLLs, ActiveX programs, EXE programs or batch files.


Macros are not for running and controlling SPACE GASS from another external program. For that you should refer to Running a Script.


You can open the macro management form by clicking the image\MacroBtn.gif toolbar button or selecting "Run a Macro" from the File menu or the popup menu.


To run a macro, simply double-click the macro name in the form shown below.



To add a new macro or edit an existing macro, just click the "Add" or "Edit" buttons in the above form and then fill in the details in the following form.



Macro title is the name of the macro that will appear in the "Run a Macro" form.

Macro type specifies the type of macro that is involved.

File name gives the location of the external program that will be executed when you run the macro. This is not required for ActiveX macros.

Class name is the name of the class in an ActiveX macro.

Macro name is the name of the macro in an MS-Excel or MS-Access macro.

Parameter is a list of extra parameters that are passed to the macro.


Examples of each type of macro are supplied with SPACE GASS and are located in the main program folder.