Eccentric effects for tension members

Eccentric end connection effects for angles, channels and Tee sections subjected to axial tension are taken into account in various ways depending on the design code being used.


For AS1250, SABS0162 and AS3990, SPACE GASS simply calculates the extra eccentric moments and then adds them to the normal design moments along the entire length of the design group provided that they don’t cause a net reduction in the final design moment. This method is used instead of reducing the effective area of the cross section in accordance with AS1250 clause 7.3.2, SABS0162 clause 9.2 or AS3990 clause 7.3.2.


The AS4100 and NZS3404 modules also use the above method of calculating and adding eccentric moments if the Kt method is not used. Alternatively, if the Kt method is used then Kt is calculated in accordance with AS4100/NZS3404 clause 7.3.2 and used to reduce the member tensile capacity rather than eccentric moments being added. The Kt method also applies to I, H or channel sections which are connected by their flanges only. For these sections, SPACE GASS assumes that the provisions of AS4100/NZS3404 clauses 7.3.2(b)(i) and (ii) have been met and uses Kt = 0.85.


image\ebx_-1773499217.gif Eccentric effects for tension members can be suppressed if required.