Titan licensing system

The Titan licensing system is a powerful software alternative to hardware locks, with added benefits and none of the problems associated with lost, damaged or stolen hardware locks. You can choose between Titan Cloud for cloud-based licensing or Titan Softlock for locally installed licensing. With either system, the SPACE GASS application itself is installed on your computer.


Both licensing systems allow you to configure SPACE GASS as a stand-alone application or as a shared floating licence system.


If you try to use more SPACE GASS licences simultaneously than you have purchased, the Titan Cloud or Titan Softlock system will just tell you that all your licences are currently in use and that you should try again soon. As soon as someone logs out of SPACE GASS then that licence will be freed up for someone else to use. You will never be charged or get an unexpected bill for accidentally using extra licences!


To find out more about the Titan softlock system go to www.spacegass.com/titan.