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Titan Cloud Licensing

Cloud-based licensing for SPACE GASS

Titan Cloud licensing allows you to run SPACE GASS from anywhere, without having to worry about network connections, roaming licences, registration issues and the like. The only technical requirement is that you need an Internet connection. You also need to have an active subscription.

Titan Cloud lets you operate SPACE GASS in stand-alone mode or as a floating licence that is shared between users without the need for a connection to your office network.

SPACE GASS itself is still installed on your local computer(s) but the licensing is managed on the cloud via your Internet connection. This means that you can have SPACE GASS installed on your laptop and you can move around and be running it from anywhere. Communications with the cloud are quite small and are kept to a minimum so that there aren't any delays or lag when you are operating SPACE GASS.

You can log into the Titan Cloud Internet portal to see which of your SPACE GASS licences and modules are in use at any time. If you are the Titan Cloud administrator for your organization then you can also manage the licence sessions of your SPACE GASS users.

If you try to use more SPACE GASS licences simultaneously than you have purchased, the Titan Cloud system will just tell you that all your licences are currently in use and that you should try again soon. As soon as someone logs out of SPACE GASS then that licence will be freed up for someone else to use. You will never be charged or get an unexpected bill for accidentally using extra licences!

Migrating to Titan Cloud

If you already have SPACE GASS using Titan Softlock or hardware lock licensing, you can request to be migrated to Titan Cloud licensing using the following form. In order to migrate you must have a current maintenance subscription! A maintenance subscription gives you access to Titan Cloud licensing and entitles you to technical support plus all upgrades that are released during the period of the subscription. If you don't have a current maintenance subscription then please Click here before continuing below.

After migrating to Titan Cloud, the first time you run SPACE GASS you will be asked to log in using details that will have been emailed to you. These details can be saved on your computer so that you are not required to log in each time you subsequently run SPACE GASS.

Please check that you enter your email address correctly below otherwise you won't get the migration link!

Licensing Admin Details:

* Your licensing admin person is the person in your company nominated to manage your Titan Cloud licence and have access to its password and login details. In smaller companies this might be you, whereas in larger companies it might be your IT person who would typically be responsible for rolling out the Titan Cloud licence to all the SPACE GASS users.

  I agree that by migrating to Titan Cloud licensing I will be required to have an active maintenance contract in order to run SPACE GASS. I also acknowledge that I will no longer be able to use versions of SPACE GASS older than v14.