Wind calculator

The wind calculator lets you calculate the design wind speed and pressure based on the various wind code parameters such as the site location, region, wind direction, return period, height, terrain categories, shielding, topography and pressure coefficients. It is currently available for AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 and IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015, with support for other wind codes to be added in the future.


You can get access to the calculator by clicking the button on the top toolbar or by clicking the "Calculate" button in the two-way or one-way Area load generators.


You should refer to the relevant wind code for details of the various parameters required by the wind calculator. The final design pressure at the bottom of the wind calculator form is the difference between the external and internal pressures, with external taken as positive and internal taken as negative.


If you have the integrated version of CHECKWIND, you can tick the "Use CHECKWIND" option to calculate the design wind speeds together with the terrain, topographic, direction and shielding multipliers for the key wind directions. If you don't have CHECKWIND then you can still operate it but in a restricted evaluation mode that limits you to a specific site location and structure height. For more information, refer to CHECKWIND.



AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 Wind Calculator




IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015 Wind Calculator




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