Copy steel member properties

This tool lets you copy the design properties of a steel member (also known as a "design group") to a selection of destination steel members.


Note that the properties can only be copied to members that have already been set up as steel members.


The tool only works when you have steel members displayed via the button on the side toolbar. For more information, refer to "View steel member design groups".


Once steel members are displayed, you should select one or more destination steel members by picking them individually or by putting a selection window around them, followed by right-clicking and selecting "Copy Steel Member Properties" from the popup menu that appears. You should then click the source steel member, after which its properties will be copied to the selected destination steel members.


After the copy, you should check the destination members to ensure that the effective lengths, flange restraints and other data are appropriate. In particular, check that the effective lengths are correct and that the flange restraints are not located off the ends of the steel design member.


For an overview of the various methods available for inputting steel member design data, refer to "Steel member input methods".