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SPACE GASS 14.2 Commercial Upgrade

Alternative Downloads

For new installations (as opposed to upgrades) please use the following links rather than continuing below:

  • Click here if SPACE GASS is not installed and you wish to perform a new installation instead of an upgrade.
  • Click here if SPACE GASS is already installed and you wish to perform a clean install rather than an upgrade.

Upgrade Notes

Before requesting the upgrade please note the following:

  • This page is for the commercial version upgrade to SPACE GASS 14.2.

  • This upgrade is not compatible with student or trial versions of SPACE GASS. Do not try to upgrade your student or trial version here because it won't run! If you have a student or trial version of SPACE GASS and wish to upgrade it, you should choose the appropriate link from the "Downloads" menu above.

  • In order to upgrade to the latest version of SPACE GASS you must have a current maintenance contract! Note that all subscription licences come with maintenance, however maintenance is optional with perpetual licences. A maintenance contract entitles you to technical support plus all upgrades that are released during the period of the contract. If you don't have a current maintenance contract then please Click here before continuing below.

  • To check you have a current maintenance contract, with SPACE GASS open, click the SPACE GASS menu Help->About SPACE GASS item and the maintenance details are shown in the upper left portion of the dialog.

  • You can upgrade from any previous version in one step. You do not have to step through a series of previous upgrades in order to get to the latest.

  • Click here to see the latest development history.
  • Click here to see the latest pricing and order form.
  • Click here to see the hardware requirements for SPACE GASS.
  • Click here for previous SPACE GASS 14 upgrades.
  • Click here for the latest SPACE GASS 12 upgrade.

Get the Upgrade

Enter your details in the form below and then click the "Get the Upgrade" button at the bottom. A download link to the upgrade will then be emailed to you immediately. If you can't find the email then please check your email program's junk folder.

Please check that you have entered your email address correctly otherwise you won't get the download link!