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Structural Engineering Software

  • Licensing


    Titan cloud-based licensing that lets you operate from anywhere with an internet connection, either as a stand-alone installation or as a shared floating licence system.

    Install SPACE GASS on as many computers as you like and share your licence between them.

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  • Training


    Attend one of our training courses or train yourself with our comprehensive suite of training videos.

    A wide range of topics is covered including basic concepts, input methods, modelling, specialist techniques, analysis, design and interpretation of results.

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  • Technical Support


    With our affordable maintenance contracts you are covered for technical support and upgrades.

    Whether you are a new user and need your hand held for a while, or you're more experienced and just need help with a modelling issue or an analysis or design problem, we are here to help!

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  • Free Trial

    Free Trial

    Take advantage of our 30 day free trial to evaluate SPACE GASS and see if it suits your needs before you purchase.

    The trial version has most features unlocked, plus any jobs you create can be transferred into the full version of SPACE GASS if you decide to buy.

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Save time, money, and get a safe and efficient design.

  • Silky smooth graphical interface that lets you see your changes visually as you go.

  • A fast sparse matrix solver that fully utilizes the parallel processing power of multi-core computers.

  • A wide range of structural modelling tools, analysis options and design modules.

  • Comprehensive video tutorials to walk you through some of the tricky stuff.

  • Configurable for stand-alone or floating network systems.

  • Ability to share SPACE GASS and its optional modules between multiple computers.

  • Top-notch support!

SPACE GASS: Beautiful Design, Amazing Features

Like any proud parent, we couldn't be more happy with our baby.

We spent weeks, months, many years actually, refining and designing this software, so that you can have the best possible structural analysis and design tool.  Not only will you be able to quickly produce safe and efficient designs, but the look and feel of the graphical interface will make your job a pleasure.