Steel member input datasheet

This tool allows you to graphically edit steel design members (also known as "design groups") that were previously defined using the "Auto-create steel members" and/or "Steel member input form" tools.


You can access the steel member input datasheet by selecting "Steel Member Design Input-Datasheet" from the Design menu or selecting some members and then "Steel Member Design Input (Datasheet)" from the popup menu.


After you have selected one or more steel design members, click the right mouse button and select "Steel Member Design Input (Datasheet)" from the popup menu (or select "Ok" if you initiated the operation from the menu).


For detailed information about the data in the datasheet, refer to "Steel member design data".



Refer to "Using datasheets" for information on how to operate the above datasheet.


For an overview of the various methods available for inputting steel member design data, refer to "Steel member input methods".